A shinning Light in a Sea of Darkness

Bright LightA recent report issued by America’s Promise Alliance, found that about half of the students attending public school systems in the nation’s largest cities receive diplomas.

APA’s report clearly shows that how we do school in America, especially within our inner cities is obviously broken and needs fixing.

Hopefully, bringing attention to this issue will heighten our awareness and help gain support for resolving this growing problem.

This report seems to be gaining a great deal of attention. However, I always find it ironic how the most critical, most controversial and most negative stories always become such hot items, see for yourself by clicking this link.

So, instead of focusing on the negative, today I have chosen to draw attention to the positive — Community Links High School, located on Chicago‚Äôs Westside, is celebrating a 100% graduation rate.

They have been able to accomplish this through:

  1. Smaller class sizes
  2. Parent participation
  3. Community involvement.

In a recent interview with ABC-Chicago, Community Links Principal, Francisco Borras said this regarding the 100% graduation rate:

“That takes a lot of work. And really I think what helps us is working, really, alongside parents, community, a student’s family along the course of their high school career.”

Just as a small light has the ability to brighten an entire room…The success of a common few, can inspire us all…

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