If I choose not to go to college after high school are there alternatives to college that I can consider?  This has become a popular question, as the cost of college continues to rise and becomes less affordable for many students and their families. As a result, high school students are looking at other ways to acquire job-skills and make a living without going to college.

Contrary to what many might be saying, a traditional four-year degree isn’t the only way to get a good job paying a decent salary. Having job-ready skills is a must, but going to college is not.

There are millions of people on this planet who don’t have a traditional college degree and they live and eat just fine. There are alternatives to attending traditional colleges and often times these jobs/careers get over-looked.

This page will help you discover some of the options available to you. I encourage you to read the articles and check out some of the external resources listed on this web page. This information could just be what you have been looking for.

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7 Real-World Alternatives to Traditional College

Rather than pay heaps of money for your education post-high school, here are seven alternatives to college that may cause you to stop and reconsider the traditional path…Read the full article 


Four-Year Colleges or Technical Schools: Pros & Cons

Since you were in preschool, you have had the idea of a traditional college shoved down your throat by your parents, teachers, coaches, and guidance counselors, without being informed of the other options after high school…Read the full article 


College is Not for Everyone

Let’s face it, if neither English nor math nor science were subjects you liked and if high school was a struggle for you and it wasn’t because you didn’t apply yourself, then just maybe college is not for you.  However, fear not, to borrow a phrase from an old friend of mine “That don’t make you a bad man” (English wasn’t his best subject) you do have some alternatives…Read the full article 


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4-year Colleges vs. Technical Schools: Your Choice

College is not for everyone, but that does not mean you shouldn’t pursue some sort of higher education or job training. When you think about your future, what do you envision? Are you doing something you love, or are you just working for a paycheck? If you are one of the many who is trying to make a decision about where to spend your money and invest your future, read on. This article provides a comparison of 4 year colleges and technical schools. Which one is right for you?…Read the full Article

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