College News September 2011

College News September 2011 1

A collection of news articles about various happenings on US college campuses. Courtesy: Huffington Post College Section


Off to College, But Are They Ready for Credit?

If you haven’t taught your kids about healthy credit, now is the time. While they are in college taking classes to help them obtain a career, what about also helping them build some credit history? With the credit laws changing, it is not as easy to get a credit card on campus as it was in the past. It is essential to show income to get a credit card at 18, but kids can get a joint account on a new card with their parents…[more]

What are your thoughts about kids and credit?

The Third Year of College: A Parents’ Guide

The junior year is when college turns serious. Most colleges require your child to choose a major and stake a claim in a future career. For some of you, declaring a major will be an obvious step for your child, one you hope to agree with.

But for too many others, you will suffer along with the inability of your children to decide on something you think is substantial — or even to decide on anything…[more]

Back to School and Deeper in Debt

With a new class of students starting college this month — replacing a class that just graduated into a historically bad job market — there’s no better time for another installment of our “Majoring in Debt” series, which examines the mountainous student debt college graduates are facing, how it will affect their futures, and what it will mean for the future of America…[more]

Packing For College: Laptop, Books, Ramen Noodles, Gun?

It’s back to school time again and college kids are heading to campuses across the country. If the National Rifle Association has its way, “packing” for college will have a whole new meaning…[more]

Generation X Simply Doesn’t Get It

In a country that is supposed to be so “great,” something doesn’t add up, and we in Generation Y want to know why.

Generation X simply doesn’t get it. We are a people who have grown up being told we live in the best, most advantaged part of the world. For a long time, I think we believed it…[more]

Being Fair About Graduation Rates at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs)

Believe me, I’m concerned about national graduation rates, as well. At 55.5 percent (six-year) nationally, we could be doing a lot better. However, HBCUs get unfair treatment when it comes to discussions of graduation rates, and here is why…[more]

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