Prep for College

Preparing for college starts way before you step foot on a college campus. Many students will start the college planning process 2 even 3 years in advance. “Start the process as early as possible”… Read More ?

Find a College

Our college database contains a list of many of the accredited 4-Year colleges and some 2-Year colleges and universities in the US. It is alphabetized and by state… Read More ?

Apply to College

Nothing happens until you apply. We help you understand the college application process. We also provide advice and tools on how best to navigate the stormy seas of the college admissions process… Read More ?

Pay for College

The earlier you begin planning and saving for college the better off you will be and the more money you will have to pay for college. However, there are a host of Financial Aid options available to you no matter when you start. We have info on Scholarships, Grants and Loans… Read More ?

Life in College

Even the most prepared college freshmen go through periods of adjustment when they arrive on a college campus, but there are some things you can do for yourself to make Life in College easier… Read More ?

After College

When I Graduate from College, Will I Be Able to Find a Job? Each year, college graduates are confronted wit this question. We attempt to share any available resources for new college grads entering the work force for the first time…

College Planning – What Are the Basics?

Earning a college degree is one of the best tools available for increasing earning power over your lifetime.

While obtaining this degree from either a community college or traditional four year university is no easy task, the experience can be rewarding in many ways…Read the Full Article


College Planning Checklist

Preparing for college takes time. It’s never too early to start thinking about where you want to go and what you want to study. Take stock of your college planning concerns before you start applying to different schools…Read the Full Article

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