Paying for College in Tough Times

Paying for college in Tough TimesEveryone is aware of the impact the economy is having on family life across America.  However, we have not even begun to consider the effects the recession will have on the families of college students.  Especially those who will be sending their kids to college next fall.

Many parents are already wondering how they are going to be able to afford the cost of paying for their kids college education.

For many, gone are the dreams of sending their kids to elite schools such as the Yales, Princetons or Harvards of the world. Those dreams have been replaced with the names of local colleges and state universities; some are even considering have their kids start out at community and junior colleges the first two years to help defray costs.

For many parents, food and shelter is all they could ever afford, with the dreams of being able to one day provide those two and education for their kids.  As a result of the economy, has that dream been placed in jeopardy?

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How has this economy’s problems caused you to re-think college or how you will pay for college?

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