College Grants for Students

Grants are simply financial aid that does not have to be paid back, unless you quit school and it is determined you owe a refund. They are awarded based on financial need. The federal government is the largest provider of college grants. There are four types of federal grants:

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Finding Federal Grants for College

Federal college grants are available to virtually any student who has the determination to seek out and apply for them. If you wish to apply for federal college grants the first thing you should do is fill out a FAFSA form…Read The Full Article

Getting Money for College Shouldn’t Be Hard

There is a lot of money available to prospective college students. There aren’t really any tricks or shortcuts to getting it, all it takes is a little motivation and perseverance.  The following five guidelines will help you know exactly what you need to do in order to get into the dough and help you pay for all those expensive college years….Read The Full Article

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