Scholarships: Where to Find Them

Paying for college shouldn’t be what keeps you from achieving your goals. While many have determined that scholarships are only meant for those most successful students, the number of scholarships available through schools, federal institutions, private institutions, businesses, corporations, award-winners, and religious groups are nearly endless. Half of them, however, never get used because college students are unaware of where to find them.

When searching for general scholarships, there are many great sites which help you narrow down the scholarships available to you based on the profile information you include. For example, is a free college scholarships site that offers information on scholarships, loans, and grants and has been running since 1999. Forbes ranked the best search engine for scholarship application. Once you fill in the necessary information the site provides you the scholarship opportunities.

Narrowing down available scholarships by year, region, major, and interests can be done through which offers information on internships, student life, as well as scholarships and applications for financial aid. Another example is and Both of these sites are free and offer nearly 3 million scholarships, offers sent to you which match your profile., responsible for many high school SAT/ACT  scores helps students compare scholarships information while includes information on how to begin saving for college. If you are spending your college abroad, state and federal loans are not an option, making a great place to search for funds to help you study overseas.

If you want specific scholarships instead of general searches, company, region, and organization specific information can be found through the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation which is offered to current high school senior. The U.S. Air Force ROTC Scholarships are available to those in a high school or college ROTC program offering means to paying less for tuition. For any athletes, offers a listing of college scholarships meant specifically for athletes.  Any students in Washington State can contact the Washington Higher Education Coordinating Board to find available scholarships for college students. Anyone planning on becoming an actuary can find scholarship information at

The Phillips Foundation offers the Ronald Reagan College Leaders Scholarship Program for those students who seek to uphold constitutional freedoms while being a leader. The ASME offers scholarships for those majoring in mechanical engineering. The Hartford Foundation for Public Giving is available for those residents of Hartford, Connecticut. If you are in the military, offers a scholarships search for those serving or who have a close active-duty family member.

Lastly, there are many minority scholarships and websites that one could visit such as the United Negro College Fund exclusive for African-Americans. The Hispanic Scholarship Fund is specific for Hispanic college students while the American Indian College Fund offers scholarships for those Native American students pursuing a college career.

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