4 Reasons Why It Might Be A Good Idea To Postpone College

By Deanna Mascle

Every high school junior and senior understands the pressure well. It seems everyone is asking that all-important question — “Where are you going to college?”

For some students the answer is easy. They know what they want to study and where they want to do it, but there are a number of students that the search for a college is made all the more difficult because they simply do not have a clear plan for their future. How can you choose a college when you aren’t sure of your major or future career? There are four good reasons why it might be a good idea to postpone college.

Every year, first-year students in colleges around the country struggle and sometimes fail at their first foray into college. Often the cause of this failure is not lack of preparation or lack of ability, but quite simply lack of focus. College campuses are filled with temptations for youngsters away from home for the first time, but many students manage to withstand these temptations without greatly damaging their future prospects.

The advantage these students have is often as simple as a clear-cut goal for their future. If a student does not have a plan for their future then it is easy to be distracted from possibilities by present temptations. Waiting to start college until you have a definite goal can give you greater focus.

Another benefit of waiting can also give you greater confidence because you will have developed skills in the workplace before returning to the classroom. Sometimes these skills might contribute to your future plans and education, but even if you worked in an unrelated field you will gain time management skills and a work ethic which will stand you in good stead in college.

College is expensive and tuition rises almost every year. If you take off a year to work and manage to bank a good amount of what you earn then you will have a nice way to offset those college expenses. If you play your cards right then your pre-college employer will be happy to welcome you back during college breaks and summers.

Taking a year off and working in your community might also be a great way to build up your college application. Perhaps you did not get into the college of your dreams the first-time around, then take some time to boost your resume through work or volunteer effort. Or you could take a few classes at a local college to demonstrate that you do have what it takes for your dream school.

Postponing college does not mean you will never go. You can take off one or two years and find it offers many more benefits to you as an individual. In fact, you might choose to stay home and while you are thinking and planning for the future you can still take some general education classes so it is not a wasted year. Even if you do not take classes, postponing college can reap the benefits of greater focus, increased confidence, more savings, and a stronger application.

Deanna Mascle may be contacted at http://deannamascle.com/

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