Does College Really Pay?

I was on You-tube recently and found this interesting series of videos from a gentleman named David Evans of “Don’t Go To College”.  In his series of videos he argues against the merits of attending the traditional college.  I think David Evans makes some very valid points.  As you view this video, all I ask is that you keep an open mind.

David, this is a very interesting argument you make… Great way of playing “devil’s Advocate”!

The points that you make are quite fascinating.  These videos you are creating are pissing off a lot of people and if you are not careful they may conspire to silence you…LOL!

David, I did go to college and graduated.  However, I am not sure how beneficial it was for me.  Most of what has really paid off for me has been learned at that most famous school of all… “The School of Hard Knocks”.

Should people go to college…?  I’d still have to say yes.  I still think the advantages of going to college (and graduating) far outweigh the disadvantages.  However, David we do agree on one thing and that is, people shouldn’t have to go broke to do so.

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