College Life – Keeping Motivation Alive In College

When a student begins college, there is so much excitement. They experience new freedom, friends and surroundings.

They feel the pride of pursuing a higher education. They anticipate the challenges of new classes and instructors who treat them as an adult.  As They start college, the entire experience is motivating.

Then, as they move into their new routine, and time passes, some of that motivation can begin to dwindle.  Some classes may not cover material they find mentally stimulating.  Friends and college surroundings cause distractions, making studies less inviting. When the student calls home, parents realize the enthusiasm is wavering.

Understandably, college parents are concerned when a student’s motivation begins to disappear. Statistics show parents have every reason to be concerned. According to the U.S. Department of Education, nearly 50% of students who enter a four-year college do not graduate. So how do you, as a parent, help your student to be among those who do?

Motivation is something students must develop and maintain themselves. Still, parents can be available to talk with their student and provide advice.

The following are some tips parents can share with a college student struggling to stay motivated:

A student will remain more motivated if he or she sets goals, whether major or minor ones. Working to meet goals gives them something to aim for and a reason to keep their momentum. If your student has a vision for career and life after college, this can be very motivating. Encourage them to think about goals. Encourage them to write their vision on a piece of paper and place it someplace they will see it each day.

The amount of work in college can be overwhelming. If large assignments are looming, suggest that your student break them into smaller, achievable steps. They will feel a sense of accomplishment with each step they complete. They may even reward themselves in some small way for each step completed.

While it may not be easy as a parent to influence your student’s choice of friends, you can still provide a gentle reminder that they are attending college to experience college life and prepare for a career. If friends are hampering their ability to do so, it may be beneficial to spend less time with them.

Along the same line, remind your student of the importance of a strong on-campus support system. They are not alone. They should look for other students who can provide daily support and encouragement.

Remind your student of the need for good health. It is difficult for a person to stay motivated if he or she doesn’t feel well. Nutrition, sleep and exercise are all important to the college student. Also, they should not feel guilty getting away from the work on occasion to rejuvenate. They should take time for a hobby or activity they enjoys.

Finally, if your student has lost all motivation, encourage them to seek the advice of college advisors, counselors or another trusted adult. Keep the lines of communication open. Your student may be independent, but you can still be the best source of motivation he or she will ever have.

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