College Transfers – Reasons to Make a Change

College life can be exciting and rewarding, and possessing a degree will increase earning power over your lifetime dramatically.  It is estimated that 63% of high school seniors across the country will go on to attend college, with fully one third of them transferring universities at some point.

With the multitude of schools available to today’s potential enrollee across the country, being able to find the college that perfectly suits your career aspirations and financial needs is no easy task.

Often college transfers are desirable to facilitate changes in your life or better suit your academic aspirations. There are many good reasons cited for college transfers, so coming to the realization that your current school is not the best fit and moving on should not be seen as an admission of failure, but rather as an opportunity to make a change in a positive direction.

If you have started your collegiate career at a community college, a transfer to a traditional four year university can be a welcome change and fresh challenge.

Often students initiate college transfers once their grades are high enough to attend a more prestigious school with more respected academic traditions. Such a move can boost earning power once you have graduated.

Financial considerations are also a frequently listed reason for college transfers. Often students will begin their academic studies at a local community college to save money then transfer to a university after a year or two. Such a move could easily save tens of thousands of dollars.

Some students also choose to transfer to another school because they can no longer afford the college they are attending. Financial aid is a terrific means to help pay for schooling, but many students find that the out of pocket costs of living on campus and attending school full-time are far more than they expected.

There are also social or family reasons for college transfers. Some students find that the culture at the college they attend is not to their liking. This can be true of both students who feel that the party scene is too intense and distracting, and those who oppositely feel that there are not enough social activities to suit their needs.

Family obligations can also necessitate that a student transfer to a school nearer a sick or needy relative. Some college transfers are also simply undertaken by the homesick teenager to be closer to home.

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