Colleges Not Immune to Hate and Racism

love-and-hate1When it comes to hate and racism, there is a tendency to think that certain places are above such pettiness. Our college campuses are thought to be one of those places.

However, we eventually come to the realization that college, like any other place will always be a reflection of the greater society.

The incidents mentioned in this article do not surprise me nor should they catch you off-guard, because it is clear that America has (and may always have) a race problem.

Excerpts from the article appear below.

“It’s tempting to think of college campuses as islands of enlightenment, places where students embrace new ideas, people and cultures without the specter of hate hanging overhead.

Tempting. But it’s not always the case, as demonstrated by events on campuses across the nation in recent months…”

[Read all of “Colleges not immune to hate-crime mentality”]

This article was taken from the Seattle times, April 16, 2010, but was actually originates from Tim Barker of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. 

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