Does my bilingual teen need to take a Spanish class to get into college?

A Graduate and Her FamilyGuest Blogger: Jill Howell, Education Consultant

Question: My daughter is a native Spanish speaker; she also can write and read. It seems that most colleges require at least two years of a foreign language. Will it be better for her to enroll in the Spanish class (it’s the only language the school offers) just to show she took it or can she get any kind of statement for college explaining she is bilingual?
Answer: Your question is a great one that offers a couple viable options for you and your daughter to explore together. The first option is to inquire with the admissions office of the college of her choice to see if they will allow her to submit a statement from her local high school administration regarding her level of subject mastery along with a personal request to consider her for advanced standing.

The easiest point of initial contact is for her to speak directly to the admissions counselor specifically assigned to her high school or home county or, in the case of an out-of-state university, the admissions rep who has been pre-assigned to work with prospective students to their school from your state. They can start the ball rolling for you and then direct you from there as needed…To read the full article click here

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