How Can I Help My Teen Reach His Potential?

Young Man Reading College Award letterGuest Blogger: Jill Howell, Education Consultant

Question: My junior son is a smart kid. Good grades came easily to him in junior high, but since he has been in high school his grades have suffered significantly because he does not do a majority of his homework assignments.

His GPA is currently in the 3’s and he is repeating two courses this year to try to improve his GPA because he received D’s in them last year. He scores very high on most tests.

Answer: question is both a valid and common one that I address in my private practice on a regular basis. In many cases, when a bright student like your son is not living up to his potential, it is often because that student has yet to become personally invested, for whatever reason, in the role that he plays in his own future — the college application and scholarship processes included — and, as an 11th grader, this spring semester is a critical time for him in maximizing his opportunities after high school…Read the Entire Article

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