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Five Smart Ways in Choosing a College
By Fae Cheska Esperas

Harvard, Yale, and Princeton are only a few of the biggest names in American universities. Being accepted to one of these schools would make your parents really proud because it shows that you’ve got what it takes to be part of the next league of great individuals.

But your school’s name doesn’t always say everything. In fact, there are other less popular colleges that offer quality, or even better, education than that of an Ivy League school. So if you’re in search of a college that can truly address your needs and bring out the best in you, then here are some guidelines that can help:

1. Consider what the school has to offer. About six years ago, James Sanchez declined his ticket to Harvard and went instead to Davidson College in North Carolina. Why? Because Davidson College promised him actual laboratory work with doctors and professors, something Harvard wasn’t able to guarantee. He is now in medical school with zero regrets.

2. Safeguard your sanity. Check out the campus grounds: the environment, the people, and of course, the food. College life is full of pressure, and you can’t beat that by living in a noisy neighborhood of dorms. You do need to stay sane until you graduate!

3. Be practical. What if your parents can’t afford the tuition costs of Ivy League? There sure are less expensive schools that offer quality education as well as financial aid opportunities that can help not only you but also your family.

4. Search for key specializations. Rather than competing with other students in a branded university, why not focus on working on your own expertise? In the long run, you’d find it more fulfilling to be recognized on your own merit and not because you came from a highly-reputable school.

5. Look out for other opportunities that the school can provide. Dreaming of studying abroad? That low-profile college may just make that dream come true. Also, other colleges and universities work with companies and business firms that can give you favorable work opportunities once you graduate.

While these tips help you out in searching for the college that matches your needs and preferences, you might as well scout for scholarships and financial assistance that can support your education needs. These financial aid programs can help you provide for your necessities, even if you end up going to an Ivy League university.

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