Top College Majors: Degrees that Payoff

As the cost of college continues to rise, students are looking for top college majors that will pay off after graduation.  Many of the best college majors revolve around the technology and healthcare industries where jobs are plentiful and pay is typically fairly high.

1. Computer Information Sciences

Computer science is obviously the study of computers.  Due to the fact that computers have taken over so much in our modern world, this major will remain one of the best college majors for decades.  If you love tinkering with computers and find yourself always behind a computer screen, this major may be right up your alley.

2. Communications

Almost everyone has to take public speaking at one time in their career.  Those that are eager to jump up in the front of the class and make a speech are often those that turn out to be communications majors.  There is an art to communications, and companies are always seeking out people who are able to easily articulate ideas to large groups of people through their voice as well as through writing and other online mediums.

3. Political Science

Political science is one of the top college majors, especially for those looking to go into the field of law.  Political science lays a solid foundation for the study of law and other fields that deal with current events and political affairs.

4. Business Administration/Management

If you are a self-starter and love to lead, business management may be the perfect degree for you.  Business majors need to be confident and willing to shine in a crowd as opposed to sitting back and waiting for someone else to take the lead.  Business majors tend to fall into management roles where they must hire, fire and manage, often within a few years after graduation.

5. Economics

Similar to business management, economics continues to be one of the best college majors.  Analyzing the finances of businesses and individuals is extremely interesting and can give you the skills that you need to succeed at most businesses, small or large.

6. English

If you are a born writer and love reading a good book, English is likely the major for you.  An English major is versatile and allows you to go into almost anything due to your strong background in writing and critical thinking.

7. Psychology

If you find yourself fascinated by the human mind, psychology may be the perfect field for you.  Psychology majors tend to want to learn why people do the things that they do.  With the increase of stress at work and home, this field is likely to continue to grow over the next few decades.

8. Nursing

Nurses are in extremely high demand in the majority of the country.  Many nurses are able to move anywhere and get a job within a matter of days.  In fact, if you are fresh out of nursing school and willing to travel, many companies will hire you as a travel nurse for an extended period of time.   These positions pay more and allow you to enjoy different areas of the country, so that you can decide where you actually want to settle down.

9. Engineering

Engineering is the application of science, technology, and most importantly, creativity and innovation, to solve practical, real world problems. This includes, but is not limited to, designing and improving modes of transportation, stationary structures, and technological systems. Contrary to popular belief, the field extends far beyond the world of machines and structures, and aspects of the field are also used to provide solutions to problems pertaining to business, medical, and environmental issues.

10. Biology

Biology is one of the top college majors, especially for those looking to go on to medical school.  You gain the necessary skills to move into a career on the cutting edge of medicine or other sciences.  Some other biological fields that are growing are genetics and biotech.

What Should I Major In?

Two other Majors Worth Considering

Not quite sure why they were left off of the list, but I believe these two majors are just as flexible as the 10 college majors listed above.  Also, they are in very high demand and if I can borrow a slang term from the youth, “They Will Get You Paid!

  1. Pre-Medical – Also known as “Pre-Med”, is often mistaken to be a major, but in actuality, it is an educational track designed to prepare students for the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT), by requiring specific coursework to be completed during undergraduate studies. Some of these courses include, Chemistry, Biology, and Physics. The Pre-medical track is not major specific, meaning students pursuing any degree are eligible to pursue admission into medical school as long as the proper requirements are met.
  2. EducationEducation has been one of the best college majors for years, largely because of the stability of most teaching jobs.  The pay is not always the best, but in the past these jobs have been largely stable.  As education funding continues to be cut, this may not always be the case.

What Should My Major Be?

If you are unsure about a college major, choosing one of the best college majors can allow you to position yourself for a career that will be both challenging and financially rewarding.  Choosing one of the 10 top college majors will ensure that you are headed on a path to success in this often uncertain economy.

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