Is College A Dangerous Place Today?

By Debi Yohn

If you read the reports or watch the evening news, recent campus violence, reports of date rape and issues of hazing might lead parents to conclude that college is a dangerous place. Thankfully, if you look at the statistics, the college campus is still a very safe place.

Unfortunately there are still some dangers on and around campus that both students and parents are well served to understand.

Threats and Precautions

Threats abound and it is important to understand basic security issues from keeping their computer and their technology gear secure in their dorm room, or safety precautions for walking in dark parking lots.

Alcohol Makes It More Complicated

Drinking is an issue for both men and women. Men tend to drink more but women’s cognitive skills are more affected by smaller amounts of alcohol.

When they experiment at college, they might not be in a safe environment. And frequently they have to get from the party to their dorm room or face the uncertainty of sleeping in a strange place.

No Big Deal?

Parents tend to minimize the issue of alcohol. I frequently hear parents say, “Alcohol abuse in college has been going on for years, we survived, I’m sure my kids will too.”

Unfortunately, over the years I’ve had the difficult task of counseling both parents and siblings of college students who met untimely deaths because of too much alcohol.

Each year more than 1700 students are killed and another 500,000 injured in alcohol-related incidents.

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