Is The College Admission Process Changing?

Where will I be the happiest? Are you currently or did you ever ask yourself that question?

Looking for a college deserves much thought and meditation and a college search can take a lot of precious time.  Are there certain factors to judge by that would make a college a decent match? Many factors can be mixed and matched in considering which school would be the best fit for each individual student. For example, the schools credentials may be very important for a student. Each student should evaluate what his or her goals are in order to select the right college.

Students who plan on furthering their education by going on to law school or some other graduate program need to know if the college of their choice has a decent undergraduate program that will lead them in that path.

After all, it does no good to be accepted into a college that has a bad reputation for its undergraduate programs. For example, if the student wanted to attend medical school and the undergraduate chemistry program at their college is known for being extremely easy, then the chances of that student being accepted will be slim to none.

College admissions officers in the past have only looked at grades and test scores to determine which students they wanted at their school. But students should be more than just a number. There are many factors for students to consider when picking a school; similarly, there are many factors schools should consider when picking students. College admission officers should be able to recruit a student based on more than just academic performance.

Even though I have done very well academically, I don’t consider my academic performance to be a complete measure of my current or future success. Colleges realize that academics aren’t the only way to find the most motivated students who will have success in the real world. Therefore, they are always looking for better ways to learn about future prospects and the kind of character that will be added to their campus through the students they recruit.

When I was going through the college admissions process, the big thing in applicant evaluation was interviews and weekend retreats. I spent an entire weekend with a bunch of other prospective students participating in a variety of activities, including an interview.

During this weekend retreat, college admissions officials watched us very closely to see how we interacted with the other prospective students in different situations. The interview portion of the weekend was to see what our attitudes and views about college and education were. They took their observations, our interview answers, and our grades and test scores, and based upon all this data, they made their decision as to who would be admitted to their school, who would be forced to look elsewhere and who would receive the best college scholarships.

College admissions processes are still a work in progress. Many schools nationwide are looking for new ideas to improve the way they deal with college admissions, trying to find a way to make prospective students more than just grades and test scores. With so many applicants, it makes it very difficult for college admissions offices to look at each student in depth. A quicker way to filter through student applications would be an ideal way to better the process.

Modern technology has helped to ease the stress of college admissions for both students and colleges. Online applications have made the process much easier for students. There are also new and exciting ways for college admission officers to recruit students. College recruiting is going to be taken to the next level soon with new programs that allow students to showcase themselves to any college of their choice. For example, the Yale Admissions Officers or Harvard Admissions Officials can now recruit using online services in order to find potential students…

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