A Good Referral Letter Can Get You In A Good College

Spread the good word. This doesn’t only apply on products and services, this can also be the perfect adage for college and university applications.

College recommendation or referral letters are important for a high school senior. High school advisers guide the students in choosing the person they will ask to compose a letter for recommendation for them.

A referral letter is one of the necessary documents that are carefully examined by the college or university panel in determining whether the student will be accepted or rejected.

Referral letters may be candid but these are honest. The person who writes the recommendation letter for the student must be someone who knows the student’s study habits and potential extremely well. The student must select an adviser, a teacher or a counselor who can best put into words what he can contribute to the college or university of his choice.

Now that you have selected the faculty member who will be composing the letter of recommendation for you, present a copy of your transcript. Also include a list of your extracurricular activities and a copy of your essay that is required in submission of a college application. Make sure that the person writing your teacher knows you on a deeper and more personal level, not just as student.

Make sure that your adviser has all the forms that he needs – questionnaires and everything else that are attached along with the application form. Inform him of the special procedures he will have to follow, if there are any. Some universities and schools prefer that the letters of recommendation be directly mailed by the letter writer. There are others instructing the student to include it with his application materials.

The key to remember in selecting the writer of your recommendation letter is a teacher of a subject your performed exceptionally well in.Make sure that he knows a couple of your notable qualities — from your academic achievements, perseverance, self-discipline, participation in extra curricular activities, service to the school, social skills, maturity and intelligence.

It may not be possible to read the finished composition of your letter but you may ask him to include your good points in order to beef up your application. The language must be strong but still sound sincere and not exaggerated.

Ask your letter writer to include his contact information. You can also request that he save a copy of the letter. This will come in handy if you will need another referral letter from him for another school.

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