Isn’t College about Money?

I personally, have not met anyone going to college that wasn’t trying to improve their financial future, have you?

So, if that’s why we go to college, why aren’t more guidance counselors, schools and even colleges talking about real jobs, real opportunities and becoming financially independent?

I think the answer is simple … they don’t know.

That’s not their focus.

Our world is changing at a remarkable pace and unless you have a teacher that’s passionate about the world, business and creating financial independence, you’ll hear the same vague advice that I heard …”Go to college and get a degree.”

Don’t get me wrong, education is good and necessary, but there’s a lot more that you need to know in order to experience financial success in the “real world” today.

Our world is changing at a remarkable pace making way for new and exciting opportunities all of the time.

In fact, many of these great opportunities don’t even require a bachelor’s degree.

There are many occupations that you can earn six figure salaries with only a technical diploma from a vocational or technical college.

This has not always been the case.

Years ago, you would have needed a bachelor’s degree to make a six figure income.

Now, all the rules have changed.

Many industries are looking for specific skills and not just general knowledge.

But it doesn’t stop there…

Many of the students I have worked with are working in their field of study as professionals while they continue their education.

The most amazing part … Not only are they earning a great salary, many corporations are paying for their continuing education!

Are you wondering … How do I hear about these great opportunities?

Being a business owner and college instructor, I network with business and industry leaders daily. Because of this, I see education and training in a very different way.

I’ve found that students are more successful when education, business and industry are combined. Students get a realistic view of what they will be doing before they invest many thousands of dollars into their education.

Students aren’t the only ones that benefit.

Businesses are hiring people who love what they do and are more qualified. This gives businesses the competitive edge they need to grow to the next level. It is truly a win-win situation.

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Nicole Guillory is a college instructor and has owned her own business for the last 7 years.
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