Life as a College Student

The movies show college students having the time of their lives and really they should be. Lets face it, when you are through with school all the fun is over.

For many college students the fun is over long before they receive that degree. Many are away from home for the first time and it is hard to get adjusted. Some are fortunate and not only have scholarships to pave the way, but have mom and dad’s credit card too.

In talking with college students all over the state you hear the same thing. I can’t wait to graduate and start making some money. For many that means hoping to make enough money to start paying back the debt that put them through school. Many students live in dorms and have extra scholarship money to help pay for this way of living, which is pretty pricey for a single room, plus a roommate that you did not choose, but the bright side is that you do have a place to live and your cable and internet are paid for.

Many students complained that the cost of college tuition increases every year. This makes it hard for many students to attend full time. Some have to work 40 hours per week and if they are lucky they will take 3 classes which is about 9 credit hours. This is not considered full time. How long has it been since you have picked up a college text book? I know I would not want my college student working 40 hours per week and then trying to keep up with school work so they do not lose their scholarships.

As parents we do what we can to help our children out. No matter the cost. So is there an alternative solutions? What if we could show our college students how to earn money in an area that they are already good in? What if there was a way to help build a bridge and over come the increasing tuition rate that causes so many college students to drop out before their senior year? There are more ways to do this then you can imagine. Join me at “How to manage college life and not live on a budget” and learn just how easy it is to help your college student finish college with the degree they deserve and money in the bank for you!

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Linda Doyle is a Florida resident and an entrepreneur. You may contact her at 352-207-0233 / 813-258-3750, or email

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