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So you just finished your senior year of your high school reign.  You have moved up through the ranks conquering the terror of being a freshman, the relief of being a sophomore because you aren’t a freshman and you can finally stop being the envious Junior who had to watch all your older friends graduate. It’s your time and you are ready to party.

sophomore or junior You realized that it became the time when you learned that if you wanted to get into college, you would have to sell yourself. That might not sound good, but being accepted into a university and scoring a college scholarship has to be done by showcasing yourself. So what do you do to get into college?

I don’t recommend creating a billboard on the freeway and posting everything cool about you, but essentially, that’s about what you need to do. Or how do you lasso a college scholarship for yourself? In order to help you with this process, I am going to tell you some very easy things that can be done in order to help you in this whole process.

The first thing that is necessary to know is that the application itself is key to your success. Can you imagine how many applications admissions officers receive? How do you make yours different? You need to learn how to stand out from the rest and let them know who you really are. The most obvious thing you must do with your application is make it legible, and professional.

2nd, noble speech, use it. Even though you probably have the biggest gangsta vocabulary in school, you probably shouldn’t use it when writing essays to showcase your abilities; it is a professional sales pitch. You ought to use the best grammar, the finest choice in words, and the finest sentence structure possible, particularly when you are making any kind of essay. Remember if it resembles like a rap song you know you probably should rewrite it.

3rd, put your humility to the side and be ready to showcase who you are. Some times we are so focused on making sure that we don’t have a big head that we make it so we seem to not give ourselves credit for all the cool things we have done or do. Many times we forget that we are more than a test score and if we have had a good test score, we do nothing to show them who we are. Or on the other hand, if we have a bad test score we still just think that we don’t have a shot and still do nothing to tell them why we should be attending their college. There is a very large list of activities and special traits that can be included on your application. For example: things you like to do for fun. Maybe you really like to do storytelling; let them know! Simply let them know you are dedicated enough to make something out of yourself by showing them how you have already started.

Fourth, deadlines, all schools have them. College admissions have strict deadlines and college scholarships have stricter deadlines. Schools set these deadlines not as an invitation to send them mass mail the month before they stop accepting applications. As a matter of fact I am sure they would appreciate getting your application several months before the deadline approaches. A lot of colleges actually start processing applications and sending out acceptance letters before the deadline even hits. So the earlier you send it in the fewer students you will be competing with. And college scholarship boards will sometimes look more favorably on an application that was sent in a timely manner rather then rush delivered.

Finally, be ready for some rejection. Don’t expect every college or scholarship committee to love you. Some may be looking for other types of students and perhaps they feel that you wouldn’t enjoy their school. That doesn’t not mean though that no one wants you. It simply means you have to try again, it is hard work to get free money and it takes a lot of time to dedicate your life to education. Be ready to make those sacrifices and try and try again.

Colleges need students so keep trying. Scholarship committees also are willing to give out the bling bling. So don’t delay and get on top of things by starting your admissions process now. Use these steps and you will be very grateful when you get that acceptance letter in the mail.

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