Wanted: Your Old Calculators for ACT and SAT Exams

Having grown up in the Chicago inner city, I am the benefactor of the help and support of many people.  From concerned people in the community to high school coaches and teachers, you name it and they played a part in keeping me on the straight and narrow.

There were many heroes when I was growing up, helping to make a difference. I might very well owe my life to these heroes of the neighborhood.

Heroes still exist today. One such hero today is Laura Wilson of Wilson Daily Prep an online ACT & SAT test preparation website. Laura recently created GraphItForward.org a website that encourages people to donate their old unused graphing calculators. New graphing calculator can cost $100 or more and are not affordable for many disadvantaged students.

According to ACT Inc., the math problems on the “Mathematics” portion of the ACT exam can be solved without a calculator. However, students that take the ACT or SAT without a calculator are often at a disadvantage without one.

How Can I Help?

  • Mail your used graphing calculator to us here
  • Organize a used calculator collection drive. Contact us for a special GIFT collection box to place in your lobby or office.
  • Help spread the word by emailing our “Pass It Forward” letter to your friends and colleagues. (Download Here)
  • Visit their website www.graphitforward.org to learn more.
  • Contact them at 1-800-888-0692 or info@graphitforward.org if you have questions.

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