College During a time of Recession

Questons Students Typically Have About College During Tough Times

Thinking About CollegeIn a recent special report “U.S. News” declares that bad news for the economy can often mean┬ábad news for college students, too.

They can expect higher tuition, smaller scholarships, more rejection letters and bigger classes.

Listed below are some of the questons students typically have about college during tough times:

How will the recession affect my scholarship?

Q: I really need a scholarship next year. What can I do?

Q: How will the recession affect my student loan?

Q: How about my graduate school loan?

Q: How is the recession affecting international students who need to borrow?

Q: How is the recession affecting my college?

Q: How are colleges responding?

Q: How will the recession affect my college experience and education?

Q: How will it affect my chances of getting into college next year?

Q: But I really want a college education! Where can I go?

The answers to these questions can be found by visiting the “U.S. News” College Education Section.

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