College Life: Everything in Moderation

College life and all the perks that come with it should all be taken in moderation.

Many students are not sure how to handle the freedom of college life. Many of them no longer have curfews and it is very easy for them to stay out late and hit every party they hear about. Most dorms have resident assistants and they try to keep track of everybody and their activities, but they have their own lives to live as well.

College student’s number one goal while in school should be to focus on their education, but even the school makes it difficult for them to do that at times. There are many groups and clubs that students can join. These clubs have meetings and activities of their own as well.

Even professors and instructors encourage students to join clubs and spend time on extracurricular activities. For some students, these activities are too much of a distraction and they live the college life without getting the college education.

Students do require social interaction, but it is very easy to get caught up in what is happening on campus instead of their courses.

College offers a completely different routine for many students. For many students, living with a roommate in a dorm is the biggest change of all. Children fight with their parents their whole life to have their own bedroom just so they can have their own personal space, then the next thing you know you have to share that space with a roommate when you move to college.

The biggest change of all for some students is having to manage their own time. They are use to being told when and what to do. In college, there is none of this. You set your bedtime, you get up in the morning and you set your class schedule. Students should be aware of this when they are choosing classes and class times. “Procrastination is the thief of time” and many students fall subject to this. Students should begin by developing a schedule and should stick to it.

Drinking and partying is another subject that should be considered here. These are perhaps the number one activities that students should do in moderation. College parties are open to anyone. There are many students that are underage, but they have friends who are not. Underage drinking is a huge deal and should be taken very seriously.

If college students do not learn moderation in enjoying alcoholic beverages and partying, they will see a sharp down turn in their education. There is nothing wrong with a few drinks, when you are of age, and spending time out with friends, just don’t do it when you have a midterm the next day.

Spending money that students don’t have is another important subject. Many parents will get their students credit cards when they move away from home. This only makes it harder for students to manage their money. Sure, they might need it for emergencies, but it will be very tempting to use. If they don’t have the cash to spend, then they will be tempted to charge it. There are many students who live college in major credit card debt, not to mention student loan debt.

Borrowing more student loan money than is necessary is another mistake that many college students make. Students should not borrow money and take out loans just because they qualify for it. Get as much as you need to pay for your tuition and books. If you only need $2,000, don’t take out $5,000. You will simply end up spending that $3,000 on frivolous and unnecessary purchases.

Students should also consider their eating habits while in college. Eating at the cafeteria may not be the best food in town, but at least it will be the healthiest. Many college freshmen pack on the “freshman 15” during their first year of college. These students are usually guilty of too much junk food and not enough real food. Work in exercise into your daily schedule and you won’t have to worry about gaining a lot of weight while you are going to college.

Taking everything in moderation from partying and drinking to spending money will ensure that your college years are successful and as stress free as you can make them. Get together with your friends and talk about what you can do to save money together, but still have an active social life.

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