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How Parents Can Help their Child Prepare for College

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As parents our children often look to us for guidance and direction.  From the time that they can speak, they view us as all-knowing, all-seeing experts and this doesn’t even stop when they get in high school.

Although they have grown up a bit and are now beginning to exert their independence, there are going to be times when they are going to want and need our help. This especially becomes true when they begin to plan and prepare for college.

However, as parents, though we are wise and know lots of things this is one of the areas, I am sorry to say, where our knowledge often falls short. But, lucky for us we don’t have to go it alone, there are several books and websites available to help educate us on the college preparation process.

A couple of books I recommend are:

Articles for Parenting on College Planning:

When it comes to websites, there are so many it can be confusing. However, listed below are links to a few articles that have been created especially with parents in mind:

College Planning Advice – Parent Resources from ACT

Parents Guide to College – Financial Aid – College Scholarships

College Parents of America | A national membership association serving current and future college parents

The Top Ten College Planning Mistakes Made By Parents

Parents’ Guide to College Planning for Gifted Kids

Parents College Planning Guide (PDF)

Parents and the College Selection Process

Planning For College – The Most Common Error Parents Make (Not Quite What You Think it Is)

College Planning Advice for Parents

College Planning for Your Kids – Parents College Advice

Affluent Families Need College Planning Too

Are You the Parent of a College Bound Student?

College Planning for Parents and Students

A Guide for African-American Parents: How to Help Your Child Prepare for College and Career

High school students want parents to be more involved in college planning

Parents Should Start Early to Prepare Children for College

A Guide for Hispanic Parents: How to Help Your Child Prepare for College and Career

College Information for Parents

100 Useful College Planning Tools for Parents

How to Prepare Kids for College

Advice For Parents To Prepare Themselves For When Their Teens Leave For College

Please note that neither the book list nor the list of websites is meant to be an exhaustive list and there may be many other great websites that I am just not familiar with. If you know of any please feel free to reply to this post with your lists.

Also Worth Reading:

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