Community Colleges: A Sensible First Step Toward Higher Education

college-tidbits-picture-of-college-home-pageIt has been the dream of most parents for generations that their child one day is lucky enough to go to college. Unfortunately only 63% of high school students in the United States go on to college, and many more do not finish their degree.

There are many reasons why a high school graduate may not immediately attend a state private university, with the cost factor often rating highest on the list. An outstanding alternative for young adults who do not have a traditional four year university as on option are community colleges.

Many students contemplating their collegiate options do not know the reasons why one of the many community colleges across the nation may be a better fit for them than a traditional four year university. Tuition at major colleges has increased exponentially over the years and far surpasses the rate of inflation in the rest of the economy.

Many students do not want the burden of graduating from one of these universities with a huge debt of financial aid. Community colleges are perfect for people with this concern because tuition is far lower and the added cost of room and board is never an issue.

Community colleges can also be the right choice for a student who isn’t sure about college or what major they would like to pursue. A community college is the perfect bridge between high school and traditional universities, since the focus is entirely on academics without the distraction and drama of college life.

A community college student is free to pursue their academic career and usually still often live comfortable lives at home. Due to the low cost of community colleges, they also allow a student to pursue many different avenues toward finding a possible career path that may interest them.

Another solid reason community colleges can be a good choice is that they often offer specialized degrees or programs that can be completed in two years or less. Many students arrive at a community college with their career aspirations already set, and those sometimes do not involve a bachelor’s degree.

Degree programs in electronics, computer repair, or construction technology can offer a student outstanding opportunities to make a comfortable living in their chosen field. The added benefit of these specialized programs is that many students also are able to secure entry level work in these fields while attending community colleges, learning both on the job and in the classroom.

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