Harold Washington College & City Colleges of Chicago

There was a time when community colleges were thought of as last resort schools or only considered by students who did poorly in high school or for adults returning to school.

But now things have changed. With the constant increase of college tuition at 4 year colleges, community colleges have now become a viable alternative to attending a traditional 4 year college.

If you live in the Chicago-land area, you may want to consider attending one of the City Colleges of Chicago. Nicked-named as such due to their location to the city of Chicago. These colleges offer great value at a great price. The city colleges of Chicago system is made up of the following schools:

Each of these community colleges offers two (2) year degrees in a wide variety of majors, certificates programs and provides transfer assistance to many four-year colleges and universities in the general area.

The Chicago City Colleges offer four major fields of study:

1. Liberal Arts Education (Associate degrees and Certificates programs)

2. Occupational Education

3. Adult Education

4. Continuing Education Classes

If transportation is an issue you may want to consider Harold Washington College. Of the 7 city colleges of Chicago, Harold Washington college (HWC) may be the most accessible location. Located in downtown Chicago, it is accessible by public transportation (bus or train).

Initially named Loop College (founded in 1962.) but later renamed Harold Washington (the first African American mayor of Chicago), after his death in 1987.

At only $87 per credit hour for in-district students ($209 out-of-district) It’s affordable and you can work out convenient times to attend classes, especially if you work in the Loop.

For more information about Harold Washington College visit their website at http://hwashington.ccc.edu or to learn more about the City Colleges of Chicago visit: http://www.ccc.edu.

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