Community Colleges an Affordable Alternative to Traditional 4 Year Colleges

Costs of Traditional Colleges Continue to Rise

For generations, it’s been a parents dream to one day see their child graduate from college.  If you were to take a survey today, you would see that the dream is still alive. Unfortunately, that dreams is slowly dying as a result of increasing tuition costs at our nations 4 year college institutions.  It simply has become far to expensive for parents to pay for their child’s education.

Perhaps you are one of the lucky ones and you started putting money aside to pay for your child’s education when they were very young.  Only to find out that the rising costs of college have far out-paced the money that you saved.  Now it is time to send them away to school and the only way you can afford to do so is to raid your retirement fund or take out a loan to make up the difference.

Community Colleges a  Sensible First Step Toward Higher Education

Community colleges have always been attractive to adults looking to continue their education, low-income students and those with lower grades. However, as the costs of traditional four year universities continue to rise, many young adults are turning towards community colleges as on option.

Parents, now more than ever, are suggesting that their child spend the first two years at a 2 year community college and then transfer to a traditional four year college/university to finish out their college careers and graduate.

Community colleges are perfect for people with cost concerns because the tuition is far lower and often the student can continue to live at home eliminating the added cost of room and board that comes with being away at a traditional four year colleges.

Other Benefits of Community Colleges

Community colleges can also be the right choice for a student who isn’t sure they even want to attend college or what major they would like to pursue. A community college is the perfect bridge between high school and traditional universities. In addition, a college student going to school locally at a community college, rarely has to deal with the distraction and drama of life on a college campus, thus allowing them to focus entirely on their academics.

Another fantastic reason to consider community colleges, is that they often offer specialized degrees or programs that can be completed in two years or less. Should you decide to forgo the remaining two years of college and enter the work force, you can use your Associate degree or the training you received the past two years to find a job and start making some money.

Some of the degree programs offered at local community colleges are in computer technology, automotive technology and the medical field. These training programs can provide students with valuable training leading to outstanding entry-level career opportunities to make a comfortable living.

Thinking About College?

The website has a list of several 2 year community colleges and a host of other articles about college in general. If you are thinking about college, this website can definitely help.

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