Free Speech on our College Campuses – Is it out of Control?

ControversyI know this was written some time ago (Sept 9, 2007), but I just recently stumbled upon it.

The article was posted in the Sentinel which claims to be a monthly, independent publication for The Ohio State University.

I am sorry but I did not find it very humorous.  But what I do find interesting are some of the comments.  I am always amazed at the what people will say when they think that they have complete anonymity.

While I am certainly a proponent of free speech, does it and should it carry over to our college campuses? Share your thoughts…

The article title and brief excerpt are shown below:


The Black Guy’s Guide to Landing White Chicks

The Sentinel’s satirical guide to breaking down racial barriers

I know what you may be thinking already; yeah, I’m white. I’m a total honky. At a healthy mix of Italian and Croatian, I have no place giving advice for black guys.

But, after consulting several black friends of mine and watching two whole seasons of Flavor of Love, I assure you that I speak from a position of authoritative knowledge.

So, for all of my slightly darker colleagues who have ever dreamed of hooking up with a Caucasian female, I humbly offer you a few tips on how to seal the deal…full article

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