How Much does it Cost to Raise a Child?

Here is an very interesting graphic I would like to share with you. The graphic was provided courtesy of the design team at EarlyChildhoodEducation[dot]com.  It was created to illustrate the challenges and costs of raising children.

According to the graphic:

  • 135.5 Million babies are born every year
  • It cost $226,920 on average to raise a kid up to the age of 18

I want to point out that this is before college…WOW!  Imagine if you are a family with 5 kids?  That’s a lot money to have to pay.  But I wonder if the average decreases with each kid you have?  I hope so.

In any case, I have two kids and I must admit that know amount of money would have been too high. They have exceeded all of my expectations…


Costly Kids

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