Tips to stay out of hot legal water over spring break


This article was published by Thomas E. Betz, director, Student Legal Service at the University of Illinois.  It provides some very no nonsense information about keeping your college student(s) safe and smart while they are on spring break

It is that time of year again when college students seek warmer climates. There are at least four S-words to describe the purpose of spring break in no particular order of priority: Sun, Sand, Sex and Surf. We at Student Legal Service would like to add one more S-word … SAFETY.

Most students have a great time wherever they go, but every year we learn about tragedies, emergencies and injuries suffered by spring breakers. A few commonsense precautions can prevent most problems… Read the Full article titled: Tips to stay out of hot legal water over spring break

Key points:
* Traveling to Mexico
* Too much alcohol and too little sense
* They are just toy cops, they won’t arrest a student just having fun
* While you are in the sun, the crooks are at your apartment

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