Ready or Not!!!!

Women RunningBy Helena

Am I ready? I keep telling myself that I am, but deep down inside, I know that I’m not.

My daughter is preparing to go to college in the fall and while this is a very exciting time for my family, I must admit that as a mother, who is sending her first child off to college, I do have some trepidation.

The old cliché… “It seems like yesterday” is so very true as I sit back and think that it was just yesterday when we took her to preschool for her first day of school. In a few short months we will not only be taking her to school, but to a school in another state.

I guess this is what we as parents have worked so hard for-to be able to send our children out into the world and know that we have done everything in our power to prepare them for adulthood. We have dedicated seventeen and a half years to:

• Giving her a moral compass,
• Showing her what a strong work ethic looks like,
• Telling her that she can  be whatever she wants to be in life,
• Sharing with her that not everyone is going to be her friend or will have her best interest in mind
• Making her aware that hard work does pay off
• Telling her that there are always consequences to everything she does-good or bad

When I think about my daughter as she prepares to leave for college, it is quite apparent that she is excited and feels that she is quite ready to begin this new adventure in her life, so maybe the real comment should be… Hey World-Ready or Not, Here She Comes!!!!!

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