How to Write an Awesome College Essay

By Darrell Causey

The college essay is a very important part of the application process in today’s world.  The college essay can be more important than your SAT or ACT scores. A well written, planned and thoughtful essay can catapult your application to the head of the line.

So don’t treat the preparation of your college essay lightly, make time to properly organize, write and rewrite your essay. The rewards will be amazing.

The first step in preparing an awesome college essay is to think of your essay as three individual chunks:

  1. the opening
  2. the body
  3. the closing

Your opening is the second most important part of your essay, but it is the first part to be read. So, you must grab the reader’s attention in the first sentence. You can accomplish this by using a quote, a startling statement or a controversial headline.

The newspapers, magazines and television media are chock full of ideas and themes you might use for your essay. Just be sure that the quote or headline are poignant to your subject.

The body is the least important part of your speech but it must be filled with useful and meaningful information. It is the body that will explain the points that you submitted in your opening.

Don’t wander from the plan that you laid out in your opening, stay to the specifics and just explain your original points. If you have three points, then write three supporting paragraphs. You don’t need any more or any less information.

Your closing is the most important part of your essay. Your closing is where you take all your points and put them in a little package for everyone to remember. You must repeat what has been said in both the opening and the body in a way that will be memorable. That’s right, your closing must be memorable. You must end with a quote, a saying or a point that will make your college essay stand out and say wow.

It won’t be easy but if you put a little extra effort into your closing it will make the difference in your essay.

The next step in preparing an awesome college essay is to make sure you answer the question, “Why me?” Your essay in the context of the theme should tell the reader why you are the one for their school. But don’t rattle off a bunch of stats as if it’s a resume rather mix your attributes into the context of the essay’s theme using only those attributes that are germane to the theme.

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