Paying for Grades: The Good, the Bad, and the Better

cost-of-education.jpgHey Guys. I would love to know your thoughts about this.  Below is a small portion of the post:

Taken from the Pay for College Blog — 

It isn’t just parents who pay students for good grades anymore: A recent trend in several states shows schools, companies, and philanthropists shelling out monetary rewards to children who study more, score higher on tests, or get better grades.

A slew of programs have popped up in cities—and even entire states—nationwide. Some students as young as fourth-graders are being offered as much as $500 to improve test scores on state exams, and some states are offering students $100 for simply passing an AP test!

Paying Your Child for Grades
Some parents reward their children for good grades by offering a financial incentive, and many schools honor their best students each month, year, or graduating class…More

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