Judge says NO! to Banning Liquor Ads In College Newspaper

ControversyIn a recent court case, Virginia Judge M. Hannah Lauck held that the Virginia law violated the student publications’ constitutional right to free expression.

The student publications argued that not being able to run such ads put them automatically at a competitive disadvantage against commercial papers that faced no such prohibition against advertising beer, wine or liquor — but also reached students. Read full article.

Binge and under-age drinking has become a major problem on many college campuses. Statistics show that, nearly 1,700 college students between the ages of 18-24 die each year from alcohol related incidents.

Short of returning to “Prohibition”, which we know didn’t work, what can be done to help curve under-age drinking?  Since I do not drink alcohol, it’s easy for me to say we should raise the legal drinking age and develop tougher laws.  But will that really solve the problem?  Will it only make things worse?

Second thought, if alcohol is legal…Why isn’t it legal to do drugs?  Drinking has the same negative impact as drug abuse.  If you legalize drugs, wouldn’t that greatly reduce the crime associated with drugs?  That way the government could legislate it like alcohol and cigarettes, even tax it.

What do you think? Do you think I am crazy…Share your thoughts…

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